Crosman C41 CO2 BB Pistol Review - Walther P38 Replica


Type: BB Air Pistol.
Manufacturer: Crosman.
Model: C41.
Materials: Metal & plasctic.
Weight: 2 pounds.
Barrel: 5.19 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1 (12 gram).
Action: Semi auto double action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds.
FPS: 495.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Crosman C42 is surprisingly good for a double action only airgun, it is a tad bit long but the extra length seems to smooth out the trigger pull giving the C41 a light yet predictable trigger pull.
Accuracy: This BB shooter out of the box did not do very well! It did get better over time and I was able to get closer to a 2 inch grouping from 20 feet out in a free standing position. My Crosman C41 had a noticeable amount of oil on the magazine when I got it and if this oil came from the internal parts of the gun, the oil could most certainly effect accuracy and feet per second ratings. I also noticed that the FPS seemed to increase over time which is contradictory to how CO2 generally performs. (Usually FPS lowers as the CO2 gets used up and the gun cools down)

Build Quality: This is a relatively inexpensive air gun to purchase, in most cases an airgun in this price range will be mostly made out of plastic but the C41 is the other way around and is almost all metal! It isn't an overly complicated gun with a lot of moving parts other than the slide and trigger so to speak, but that means there is less to go wrong. This gun is very rugged with the exception of the handle which seems a bit loose but I doubt will cause any problems down the road.
Realism: Although the Crosman C41 is not advertised as a Walther P38 Replica nor is it licensed in any way, it does very closely resemble the Walther P38 semi auto 9mm pistol used in the Second World War. There are some slight differences but overall it is a close copy to the German Walther P38.
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  • Low price for an all metal gun.
  • Very solid feeling gun.
  • Nice all metal drop out magazine.
  • Nice combination of FPS and accuracy.
  • Excellent CO2 efficiency - over 150 shots per CO2!
  • Not too many World War Two Replicas - nice version of the German Walther P38.
  • CO2 and CO2 tab are nicely hidden.
  • Nice smooth trigger pull for a double action only gun.


  • Not a lot of working parts (left side safety and hammer molded into gun).
  • Grips are fairly lose, they don't really snap into open or closed position all that well.
  • FPS did't get that close to the factory claim of 495 FPS - but was increasing over time.
  • Handle may be a bit thick for smaller hands?

The Crosman C41 has an excellent combination of FPS, Accuracy and CO2 efficiency with an amazing 150 plus shots per CO2. It is also one of the few older styled replicas available, closly replicating the German made Walther P38 9mm semi auto pistol used in the Second World War making it a great addition to any airgun collection. The Crosman C41 is a very good overall airgun for the money giving you pretty much an all metal airgun that should give you years of enjoyment.

My YouTube Video Review of the Walther P38 looking Crosman C41:

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