100th Video Contest Giveaway!


100 YouTube Videos! Can you believe it? About a year ago I started actively making videos for my YouTube Channel and here we are today with my 100th YouTube video.

And not only does this video mark my 100th video uploaded, but I also reached several other milestones pretty much at about the same time:

  • 2,000,000 Video Views
  • 50,000 Channel Views
  • 2500 Subscribers.

Before I get into the contest giveaway I just wanted to recap where this all began and where I am now...

About four years ago I uploaded my "Worlds Smallest Full Auto BB Gun" YouTube video just for fun and when I checked back a few months later it had what I thought was crazy amount of views (Something like 20,000 or so). Now it's getting close to 400,000 hits! skip ahead a few more years to just over a year ago and I got to thinking, why not upload a few more airgun videos since people seem to like them and I like making and talking about airguns.

After several videos I figured I might as well start a "website - blog" and place my YouTube videos on it along with some written reviews and articles, that's when ReplicaAirguns.com was born. Skip ahead to around February of this year and kind of by accident I started selling a few hard to get air guns and blank guns to kind of test the waters and I found that there was a definite market for them here in North America and that my viewers where also shoppers :)

Jump ahead to present day and and as you can see in my Replica Airguns Store, I have a nice selection of mostly replica Air and Blank Guns along with some accessories for my shopping viewers to choose from. And all of this is keeping me so busy that this is all I do now, make videos, work on my website and web-store and of course I spend a great deal of time answering questions from my YouTube viewers and Website visitors and customers.

OK, so let's get back to the contest! I am giving away a Cybergun Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 4.5mm BB pistol to one of my lucky Subscribers, so how does one go about entering this contest - Giveaway for a chance to win?

  • You have to be a Subscriber of my YouTube Channel.
  • You need to Favorite my 100th Video Contest - Giveaway video and send me a comment in my 100th Video stating as much.
  • You need to tell a minimum of 3 of your friends about my YouTube Channel or the ReplicaAirguns.com website.
  • You need to be an adult or have your parent or guardian accept the giveaway gift on your behalf.
  • If you are not located in North America, you will be given a PayPal payment in the amount of the North America value of the Tanfoglio Witness 1911.
  • Contest deadline is July 31st at midnight!

And that's it! Here's to the next 100 YouTube videos...


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