Umarex Walther SG9000 CO2 BB Shotgun Review


Type: CO2 BB Shotgun.
Manufacturer: UmarexUSA.
Model: Walther SG9000.
Materials: Plastic (polymer) and some metal construction.
Weight: 2.35 pounds.
Barrel: 11.5 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 1 (88 gram).
Action: Semi auto, double action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's
Ammunition Capacity: 40 shot internal spring fed magazine.
FPS: 480 (single shot) - 250 (three shot burst).
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex Walther SG 9000 is in the mid range and is a bit long but once you get used to it you can fire off shots very quickly with little resistance. There really aren't any sticky spots in the trigger pull to speak of.

Accuracy: I shot this CO2 BB Shotgun at a target from the hip 20 feet away using my NcSTAR laser sight I installed on it in a free standing position, and it performed excellent getting a 1.5 inch grouping fairly centered on target. I also performed my accuracy test from 30 feet out in a semi-rested position using my 6x32 NcSTAR Scope and again I got a 1.5 inch grouping proving that a BB gun can show decent accuracy even from further out when setup properly. With my Chrony Chronograph testing I scored much higher then the factory claimed feet per second of 480fps in single shot mode and 250fps in three shot burst mode. I ended up getting an average 8 shot fps in single shot mode of 504fps and 309fps in three shot burst mode!
Build Quality: This is an almost all external polymer air gun with some metal components on the inside giving the Walther SG9000 a bit of a light to medium overall weight but once you add the large 88 gram CO2 cartridge and some accessories this gun can quickly gain a pound or two. All four accessory rails are metal along with the trigger. The fit and finish is very good on the SG9000 and the plastic quality seems very durable.

Realism: The Umarex Walther SG9000 is licensed by Walther but other then a similarity in the pistol grip it doesn't closely look like any specific Walther product or any specific Tactical shotgun for that matter. It does have a very tactical look and with a few accessories added you will have yourself a very persuasive looking shotgun on your hands.
Supplied by UmarexUSA - Can be purchased from: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • Inexpensive versatile BB shotgun.
  • Nothing else really like it out there.
  • Multiple shooting modes - singe and three shot burst.
  • Uses 88 Gram CO2 so less stopping to change CO2.
  • Very good FPS readings - above factory claims.
  • Very accurate for a BB gun from close up and further out.
  • Lots of rail locations for all kinds of accessories and different customizable looks.
  • High capacity 40 round internal magazine.
  • Totally fun!


  • The plastic exterior may put off some people looking for a heavier more metal gun.
  • 88 Gram CO2 can be a bit pricy, not as cost effective as 12 gram CO2.
  • Trigger pull is kind of long.
  • You will need to purchase some sort of a sighting system for it as all you have is a rail on top.

The Umarex Walther SG9000 is a really fun and very inexpensive CO2 BB shotgun. With its multiple shooting modes you have the option of power and accuracy in single shot mode or to simply blow stuff away in three shot burst mode. The Walther SG9000 is also very customizable allowing you to really make this Tactical BB shotgun your own by decking it out with just about any combination of add ons and accessories you like! I found this gun the most fun to shoot in three shot burst mode using my laser sight and literally knocking down everything I pointed at!

Watch my YouTube Video Review of the Umarex Walther SG9000 CO2 BB Shotgun:

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