Diana 240 Classic Break Barrel Pellet Rifle Available For Purchase


The Diana 240 Classic is the second of the two Diana Break Barrel Pellet Rifles I just added to the Replica Airguns Store and it is also available in the 495 FPS non-PAL version. 

The Diana 240 Classic Break Barrel Pellet Rifle has a simplistic design, while incorporating top equipment and high precision parts which give this quality air rifle the characteristics of the new Diana product line. The Diana Classic 240 has the new straight classic wooden stock and will give you no end of 495 feet per second shooting fun and leisure-time.

  • .177 & .22 caliber @ 495 FPS
  • Barrel length: 16.5"
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Break barrel spring piston
  • Total Length: 41"
  • Wood stock
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