EKOL ES 55 CO2 BB Pistol Chrony Chronograph Test


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Another airgun I have been really curious about the actual fps, is the EKOL ES 55. It's one of my only BB pistols that can shoot clean though a soup can. Some of the other BB shooter almost make it but just not quite, even with ratings as high as 480 fps!

The EKOL ES 55 is an overall really nice BB gun with a heavy duty all metal build and it even sports a rifled barrel, another feature not often found in BB shooters.

Now that I have my Chrony chronograph, I am able to actually test these guns and find out their true feet per second ratings and from what I'm seeing, most of the guns come in under their rated fps. My EKOL ES 55 actually did pretty well, the manual claims 120 M/S which translates to 396 fps but interestingly, they actually claimed 360 fps?

So I really needed to get to the bottom of it! I took 15 shots (a full magazine) with the EKOL ES 55 with a few seconds gap between each shot and the gun stayed pretty consistently right around the 420 fps mark. Not bad at all and actually above the claimed feet per second rating!

So if your looking for a good quality BB pistol with 400+ fps, look no further then the EKOL ES 55!

Watch my YouTube video putting my EKOL ES 55 through the full Chronograph test:

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