Haha I Found An Error - Conan O'Brien Inception Oscar Reenactment Skit

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I don't know if your a Conan O'Brien fan like I am, I have liked Conan since way back when he used to lick phone booths and the soles of shoes to get laughs. I guess things haven't really changed all that much and now he's back with Andy Richter again, just like the good old days!

Conan has a challenge going on over at his TEAM COCO Website and TEAM COCO YouTube Channel for anyone who can find a mistake or error with his Conan late night talk show program. If you find something that's not quite right, he wants you to post a video response to his Conan's Fan Corrections Challenge YouTube Video. And that's exactly what I did.

Here is a quote taken from my YouTube video description:

"The hideous error I found in Conan's February 21st showing of the Conan show takes place during an "Inception Oscar Reenactment skit" performed by (Conan O'Brian, Andy Richter and Pierre Bernard)

The Error is evident near the end of the performance when all three actors stand up to take a bow. Unbeknownst to Andy, his prop gun - a Beretta 92FS styled semi auto pistol is missing the magazine! What kind of villain starts his day off with an empty gun! I'm sorry this is simply unacceptable and needs to be addressed!

Conan, please fire away with your lame explanation for this inexcusable oversight on the part of your Prop-master, which reflects negatively on the entire show and all involved!

Even so, I still love the show and I'm really glad you are back on the air entertaining us all."

You can watch my "Haha I Found An Error" YouTube video below:

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