Webley Alecto .177 and .22 Caliber Multi-Stroke Pneumatic Target Pistol

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The Webley Alecto isn't exactly a "Replica Airgun" but it's really addictive to shoot and OK maybe it looks just a bit like the Desert Eagle? Unlike most BB guns, the Webley Alecto is all about accuracy and consistency. I found myself shooting at all kinds of targets just to see if I could hit them and this gun is simply amazing. It is essentially a PCP compressed air gun that has a three stage pump, you can pump it up to three times to get the maximum feet per second.

I found the one I have (Canadian Version with detuned pressure release valve) had little to no fps gain pumping it the third time because to be imported into Canada it must shoot under 500 fps. The valve can be adjusted internally but you risk higher then 500 fps shots which would make it a Restricted Controlled Firearm in Canada.

One of the most amazing attributes about this compressed air gun is the trigger, it's fully adjustable and smooth as butter. Another nice attention to detail is the included hard shell case and factory quality control test target.

The gun is made in Turkey for Webley by Zoraki and is the HP-01. Unlike the Zoraki version (.177 cal. only), with the Webley Alecto, you have the choice of either a .177 or .22 caliber. I went for the .22 caliber model and mine will for sure get a Red Dot Scope mounted on it one of these days :)

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