Safe Air and Blank Gun Storage Unit On a Budget

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I ran out of room for all my air guns and blank guns in my gun locker a while ago and so I have been on the lookout for a safe way to keep my air and blank guns secured and out of reach.

I have two little kids and I do make a point to keep an unloaded air gun around for them to check out and get used to, (so it's not such a big deal down the road for them). I have started to at least make them aware of what guns are and not to handle guns unless an adult is around and says it's OK. I want them to know early on that guns can be very dangerous when used the wrong way. But thats' another article on it's own!

I have been considering another gun locker or safe but they can be very expensive and are usually limited in size, especially if you're looking for an inexpensive one. In Canada, air guns and non-prohibited blank guns don't technically legally need to be locked in a gun safe or gun cabinet but personally I still feel the need to keep my air and blank guns locked up to some degree. So I thought, what about some sort of a lockable storage or utility cabinet?

I finally came across what I think is an excellent solution and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg! I went with an upright utility cabinet from Black & Decker (SpaceAir Collection). Mine is 70 inches tall, 15 inches deep, and 27 inches wide. It's made out of sturdy plastic and most importantly it's lockable!

I went with a pretty large utility cabinet as I have lots of air and blank guns but if you have a small to medium air and blank gun collection, you could always get the half size shorter version of this type of unit.

My YouTube Video showing my Air and Blank Gun Storage solution:

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