New Holster for my Makarov and Tactical Rail for my Desert Eagle Arrived


If you have watched my Umarex Desert Eagle Review Video, you probably heard me whining about not having an under barrel Tactical Rial for my Umarex Desert Eagle. Well the whining paid off because with some help from Justin from California USA, I was able to get a replacement Tactical Rail! I guess Justin didn't need his and he offered to sell me his at a very reasonable price and I am now so happy my Umarex Desert Eagle has been reunited with its accessory Tactical rail.


I also received another treat today in the mail - a beautiful tanned leather holster for my Nickel Baikal Makarov graciously given to me by Mark from Ontario Canada. Mark has a wonderfull collection of Air guns past and present and had an extra Makarov holster he though I would appreciate - and I certainly do!

Thanks so much Justin and Mark!

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