ISSC MK22 SCAR 22LR Rimfire On Its Way


As many of you may know, I don't just own a bunch of airguns and blank guns. They are one of my biggest passions but I also have my Restricted Firearms License here in Canada and I own several "Real" hand guns and rifles that I enjoy very much.

I have four .22 caliber rimfire guns and I have another one on its way - the ISSC MK22 SCAR .22LR, you may ask why I need another .22 rimfire? Well similarly to airguns, .22 caliber rimfire guns are relatively cheap to buy and operate compared to their big brother larger caliber versions. So I guess that draws me to them, they are just so fun to shoot and in a guilt-free kind of way. With large caliber guns I tend to head to the range with a preset amount of ammo that I am willing to part with and when it's all gone then it's time to switch over to the .22 calibers and go nuts! And not only that, our .22 caliber rimfire rifles do not have the magazine round restriction like our 5 round restriction on large caliber rifles.

For example, the ISSC MK22 SCAR .22LR that is on it's way costs a fraction of the price of the full on military version at around $650 Canadian, that might sound like a lot but the NATO round firing version goes for about $3000 and as far as I know is not even available in Canada to the average joe like me? And you will be counting ammo with one of these NATO round firing bad boys, at least I know I would be :)

I will be doing a full review of the ISSC MK22 SCAR 22LR so make sure to check it out if this type of gun interests you also.

Here are some of the specifications for you till I get a chance to review this awesome .22 tactical rifle!

  • Caliber: .22LR
  • Overall Length Collapsed: 34.65 in./880 mm
  • Overall Length Full: 36 in./916 mm
  • Overall Width: 2.81 in./71,5mm
  • Barrel Length: 16 in./420 mm
  • Rifling Length: 15 in./406mm
  • Number of Grooves 6
  • Sight Length Max: 15.7 in./400mm
  • Weight w/o Magazine: 6.5 lbs./2990 g
  • Magazine weight, empty: 3.8 ozs. /110 g
  • Trigger Pull, approx.: 4 lbs.
  • Magazine Capacity:22 rds.
  • This is a non-restricted firearm.
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