- Beware of their price protection policy!


I don't normally like to focus on the bad things about products or companies and generally I look at the positive side but in this case I really want people to be aware of one particular company. "" will not be getting any more business from me.

Yes, I got my purchased item, yes it came in a timely manner, yes I like the item very much. Do I like getting sent an email but a week after I purchased it, telling me that I could have saved $40? Not really!

According to their "7-Day Price Protection" all I had to do was email my original purchase date (invoice number must be provided), or visit one of theri stores and they will issue me a credit or refund in the amount of the price difference. Sounds so simple!

The only problem with this is the fine print which pretty much excludes almost every reason a product would go on sale in the first place. "*Not applicable to promotional prices such as limited time sales, instant savings offers, mail-in rebates, etc." I really like the "etc." part. That's there just in case they forgot something so they can go back and say sorry sir, that's not covered under the "etc." terms and conditions exclusion.

I don't know about you, but with every other company that I have had price protection policy issues, as long as I was in the price protection policy time frame, they simply do the right thing and credit me the difference.

So be aware when you purchase anything from Or better yet, shop somewhere else, that's what I'm doing!