TV, Movie & Film Prop Guns For Hire!

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I had an idea the other day, Since I have all these Replica Guns and just about any TV show, Movie or even Internet Video that uses guns is going to need guns that look real, why not put my Replica Guns along with myself up for hire!

The first thing one must do with an idea like this is a bit of research to make sure there aren't any major road blocks like the law, and getting thrown in jail, so I called my local RCMP Chief Firearms Officer and we had a talk. Long story short, if I can buy the guns I'm going to be using without a firearms license, then I don't need a Business Firearms License to use my guns on set.

What most large budget TV and Film productions do is a hire a "Gun Wrangler" who is authorized to transport and supervise real steel guns on set - Very Expensive!!!

So with my much lower overhead and next to no red tape I can now offer a large and growing assortment of Replica guns for use on set in TV and Film. Right now I am only offering this in Canada, in the Vancouver and lower mainland areas.

So if you need guns for your TV, Film or Movie - You know who to call - Click on the link for more info on TV, Movie & Film Prop Guns For Hire!

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