Umarex Walther SG9000 - 4.5mm - BB - Shotgun

The Umarex Walther SG9000 is as far as I know the only BB shotgun available. The SG9000 has that Tactical look combined with a Walther pistol grip. The Umarex Walther SG9000 uses an 88 gram CO2 cartridge to shoot single BB's at speeds up to 500 FPS and can also shoot 3 round bursts (all three rounds at the same time) at speeds up to 300 FPS. The SG9000 is very accurate even from distances 30-40 feet out making a low power scope a great accessory for the top rail mount. Keep in mind there are 3 more rails for just about any accessory you can dream putting on this very fun BB shooter!

Published on by Michael Kaye.