WE SCAR-L - Blowback - 6mm - Airsoft - GG/Propane/CO2

This is my first Airsoft Rifle and so I went big. It is about as real as you can get without owning an actual SCAR, which in Canada is not possible. The WE SCAR-L is a gas operated blowback 6mm Airsoft rifle that can use either Green Gas, Propane or CO2 depending on what magazines you own, I have both. The We SCAR-L is a 100% scale rifle with an all aluminum upper and it even filed strips just like the real steel. It has very heavy blowback and can shoot in semi or full auto with a working bolt. This gun shoots hard at up to around 450 fps and that is why it is allowed in Canada without the clear receiver since it can cause serious injury and fall into the category of an uncontrolled firearm.

Published on by Michael Kaye.