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Some New Zoraki 914 Finishes to Choose From


I wanted to let you know we have a couple new Zoraki 914 color finishes to choose from, Shiny Chrome and Titanium. We have limited quantities so get them while we still have them. And that goes for all of our Zoraki line as I can not ensure we will be carrying it for much longer - it has nothing to do with quality as the Zoraki line of blank guns is one of the best! SORRY - ALL GONE!

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Zoraki 925 9mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol Shooting Review


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Here's a quick YouTube video of the Zoraki Mod. 925 P.A.K. Blank pistol firing off some blank rounds. First I shoot two rounds off in semi-auto mode and then switch the Zoraki 925 over to full-auto and fire off the last 10. The Magazine I used is capable of holding 26 rounds but hey, that would have been about the equivalent in cost to 4 Starbucks Mochas!

My YouTube Video Shooting Review for the Zoraki MOD 925 Blank Gun:

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Type: Blank Gun.
Manufacturer: Zoraki - Atak Arms.
Model: Zoraki MOD 925.
Materials: Metal, Polymere shell.
Weight: 1.8 pounds.
Barrel: Semi plugged - front firing.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single action.
Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K.
Ammunition Capacity: 16/26 rounds (magazine dependent).
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is short and smooth, typical of a semi auto action.
Accuracy: NA.
Build Quality: The overall build quality of this gun is excellent. The design and materials all seem to be of good quality. I was actually not expecting this gun to be as well built and finished as it was. Inside it has a metal frame based on the MOD 914 Zaraki with an exo-shell made of a polymer type material. It also comes in a very nice hard shell case with cut outs for everything included. (The Zoraki MOD 925 blank gun, 16 round and 26 round extended magazine, cleaning rod, oil bottle, alternate barrel tip, barrel changing tool, and flare adaptor)
Realism: This gun is not supposed to be a replica of any gun in production but it does look a bit like a mini sub machine pistol. The Zoraki 925 looks and feels like a real gun, so make sure to take precautions when using this blank mini machine gun!
Purchased From: CanadaAmmo.com.


  • In Canada it is one of the few blank guns available for purchase that is not prohibited.
  • Excellent construction, all metal internal frame with high quality external polymer shell.
  • Well priced for what you get even at the newer higher pricing.
  • Magazines interchangeable with the Zoraki MOD 914.
  • Come with a very nice hard shell case and accessory package.


  • Not as readily available in Canada, the US and other areas..
  • 9mm P.A.K. Blank ammo is expensive.

The Zoraki MOD 925 is a sweet full auto machine pistol and if you can find one is a great addition to anyone blank gun collection. When compared to other full auto blank firing machine guns or pistols (Voltran Ekol UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun / Voltran Jackal air pistol) it is well priced but does not sacrifice in quality!

My table top YouTube Video Review for the Zoraki MOD 925 Blank Gun:


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Zoraki 925 Deluxe Blank Gun Arrives!!


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That was fast shipping, it only took one day from when it left CanadaAmmo.com to arrive, not bad for free shipping!

I also got a couple of boxes of Fiocchi 9mm P.A.K. Blanks as theses full auto blank guns eat up the ammo fast and at $29 bucks for a box of 50 it ain't cheap!

The Zoraki 925 came in a very nice plastic box with cut out foam sections for each accessory.

The shorter 16 round magazine was inside the blank gun and the longer 26 round magazine was in a foam cut out in the case. Also included was an alternate barrel adaptor (longer barrel), flare adaptor, cleaning brush, oil container and a tool for swapping the alternate barrels ends. (The short barrel end I left on the gun out of personal preference)

And of course there was a manual with instructions on what to do and most importantly, what not to do!

The Zoraki 925 was surprisingly much nicer than I thought it would be, maybe a bit smaller. I had the impression that it would be a lot larger than my Zoraki 914 but it really was only marginally larger.

The cool part is that both the magazine from my Zoraki 925 also fit into my Zoraki 914 making it an even smaller 26 round full auto machine gun! Maybe not quite as mean looking as the 925?

The quality of the Zoraki 925 is amazing when considering the price! The polymer shell looks flawless and feels very durable, the mechanics of the gun feel tight and snappy with an overall solid feel probably because the polymer shell only covers the metal internal of what is nearly a complete simplified version of the 914 model.

The operation of the Zoraki 925 is very similar to the 914 with the exceptions of the ejection port cover which snaps open when you pull the slide lever back or pull the trigger. The mechanics of pulling the slide back is also different as the internal slide is not accessible from the outside, so you need to pull back on a slide lever located at the back of the gun.

The Zoraki 925 blank gun is definitely one of my favorite blank guns, I imagine it will shoot just like my 914 but I look forward to giving it a go anyways.

Look forward to my table top YouTube review shortly and when I feel like making some noise I will also do a shooting YouTube video of the Zoraki 914 rip'n it up...

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Zoraki 925 Deluxe Blank Gun on its way


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I purchased a Zoraki 925 Deluxe Blank Gun back in late September on a pre-order from CanadaAmmo.com and have been waiting patiently for stock to arrive! Well it finally happened and my Zoraki 925 "Deluxe" is now officially on its way. The last order I received from CanadaAmmo only took two days to arrive as they are located very near to where I live.

Zoraki guns are starting to get a bit harder to buy in Canada and if you can find one it will probably be a bit more expensive now as the Zoraki line distribution channel has changed effectively increased the cost. I paid just under $150 for my 925 Deluxe model including shipping and taxes which is a great deal! The difference between the deluxe model and regular 925 is that the deluxe version comes with two magazines: a shorter 14 round mag and a longer 25 round magazine. I believe the deluxe version also has a nicer hard shell case with cut-outs for the gun, extra mag and accessories.

The Zoraki 925 is based on a simplified 914 9mm P.A.K. blank gun but has a polymer shell around it making it look a bit like a mini UZI. It also is capable of shooting in semi or full auto and a nice little bonus is that the magazines are interchangeable.

Here is a little bit of trivia on the Zoraki 925 - it was used in the movie Universal Soldier: Regeneration by Jean-Claude Van Damme in a few of the carnage scenes. Hey, if it's good enough for JCVD, it's good enough for me!

I can hardly wait for it to get here and of course I will be doing a review and shooting test to follow...

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