Umarex Steel Strike CO2 Blowback BB Rifle Table Top Review

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Type: BB Machine Gun/Rifle.
Manufacturer: Umarex USA.
Model: Steel Strike  (AR Platform).
Materials: Plastic shell with internal metal parts.
Weight: 3.8 pounds (1720 grams).
Barrel: 9 inch Metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 2 (housed in b uffer tube)
Action: Semi and 6 round burst blowback, single action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 900/30 round drop out hopper/magazine.
FPS: 400.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle is single action only, so you will need to charge the rifle by pulling back the charging handle first, once this is done the trigger is reset and the gun is ready to shoot. The blowback operation charges the internal bolt automatically after each shot so keep this in mind as the gun is going to be live and ready to shoot until you either run out of ammo or CO2. Make sure to place it in safe mode when not in use especially when you have CO2 in the gun.

Accuracy: I have not shot the Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle yet but will remaking a Field test Shoting video very soon for it. But for a reference I did shoot the Umarex Steel Froce which is a very similar product and this is how it performed for me:

Shooting the Umarex Steel Force at a target from 30 feet away in a semi rested position using both the semi auto and 6 round burst modes, the Steel Force performed very good getting around a 1.5 inch 10 shot grouping in semi auto and then spreading out a bit in 6 round burst mode which was to be expected, still a respectable grouping. Shots where well centered on the target but I did have the advantage of using a red dot scope, I found when using the none adjustable open sights that come with the Umarex Steel Force that I was shooting under the target at closer ranges. My Chrony testing did not go exactly as planned due to my temperamental Chronograph but I was able to get two shots to read and they average out at 466 fps, well over the 430 claimed fps.

Build Quality: The Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle is mostly plastic on the outside with most of it's metal parts on the inside, pretty much everything you can see on the outside is going to be plastic except for maybe the magazine release and selector switch. The plastic seems durable enough but it has just a bit too much shine for me which I think makes it look less like metal and more like plastic. Everything seemed to function as expected but again I would have liked to have seen a bit more metal, not necessarily the outer shell, but I feel the flash hider, trigger, flip up sights and charging handle could have been made out of metal and would have given this Umarex Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle a bit more weight and balance to it.

Realism: The  Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle is designed on the AR platform and for the most part is about the right size shape and look of an AR 15 / M16 type rifle. Even the selector switch, magazine release, rear adjustable stock and Charging handle function just like a real AR 15! Some parts are molded in just for looks like the bolt release, dust cover and forward assist but at least they look the part. The plastic for me was the real tell here as it kind of looks like plastic where as some plastic guns are really hard to tell they are not metal, but other than that this is a pretty decent replica of an AR Rifle.

Available From: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • Decent 400 fps rating.

  • 900 round hopper with 30 shots per magazine fill.

  • Will get a decent amount of shots with its dual CO2 configuration.

  • Removable and 2 position adjustable stock.

  • Flip up sights with optical sight top rail option.

  • Lots of rials for adding on accessories.

  • Not a bad replica of an AR platform gun.

  • Full auto has a very high rate of fire.

  • Internal blowback does give a bit of recoil feedback feel.

  • CO2 in the buffer tube makes more sense?

  • Price point is good for a fun full auto BB rifle.


  • Pop up sights are non adjustable.

  • Plastic finish could have been a bit higher grade, like what most Airsoft AR's use.

  • Just a bit more metal would have been nice and added to the overall weight a bit. (Switches, Sights, Charging handle.

  • No sling mounts.


The Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle looks to be an improvement over the Steel Storm and Steel Force, I like the new placement of the duel CO2 into the buffer tube and changing the location of the BB’s from the upper receiver and into the drop out magazine which is where we would normally expect them to be. We also get a magazine hopper capacity of up to 900 rounds with the new Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle so no having to refile int for several CO2 swap-outs. I think the overall looks ahed improved and the tighter aperture of the pep sight shoudl make getting BB;s on target with more accuracy a bit easier. I look forward to seeing what kind of performance I get out of the Umarex Steel Strike CO2 BB Rifle when I test it out during my upcoming Field Test Shooting Video.

My YouTube Table Top Videos for the Umarex Steel Striker BB Rifle:

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