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Zoraki 925 9mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol Shooting Review

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Here's a quick YouTube video of the Zoraki Mod. 925 P.A.K. Blank pistol firing off some blank rounds. First I shoot two rounds off in semi-auto mode and then switch the Zoraki 925 over to full-auto and fire off the last 10. The Magazine I used is capable of holding 26 rounds but hey, that would have been about the equivalent in cost to 4 Starbucks Mochas!

My YouTube Video Shooting Review for the Zoraki MOD 925 Blank Gun:

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Reader Comments (2)

Hey Mike, cool video!
I just happened to see a new Zoraki blank gun on the Vinzer Sports website. It's called the Zoraki M906... I think it looks very interesting. Since I can't post a link here, just go to thier site and in the blank guns section you will see it. I don't think they have them in stock yet, but they are displayed on the site.

Anyways, you might have already seen it, but I though it looked pretty cool. Then you could have the entire Zoraki collection! ;)


Hi Nolan,

I saw the Zoraki M906 a while back - they look very cool. It looks like they are in stock now! Just might have to get one to complete the collection :)

Thanks - Mike

December 6, 2010 | Registered CommenterMichael Kaye

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