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Umarex Beretta Elite II and HK45 CO2 Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft Pistols.
Manufacturer: UmarexUSA.
Model: Beretta Elite IIHK45.
Materials: Metal and plastic (Polymer).
Weight: 1.5 pounds (680 grams) & 1.36 pounds (620 grams).
Barrel: 4.5 inches, non-rifled.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Double action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 15 round metal stick magazine.
FPS: 380 & 400 fps claimed.


Trigger Pull: Trigger pull on both the Umarex Beretta Elite II and Umarex HK45 is double action only but they don't feel too bad, they have that traditional longer double action pull but I did not find it to be too heavy and the release point is fairly predictable for me which should allow for some good overall accuracy when I do my future Field Test Shooting Review.

Accuracy: I have done a full Felid Test Shooting Review Video for the Umarex HK 45 Metal Slide CO2 4.5mm steel BB Pistol so make sure to check that one out! In summary with the 4.5mm Steel BB version I got a bit higher fps then claimed at 420 fps with a 5 shot string using a brand new CO2 with RWS 5.1 grain zinc coated steel BB's. From 30 feet away shooting on a paper target using a semi rested posting I was able to place 10 BB's within 1.5 inches, almost close to a 1 inch grouping. The shot placement for me was just a tad to the left and a bit down but several shots hit the bulls eye so out of the box accuracy was really good on this low cost BB pistol. Since both the Umarex Beretta Elite II and Umarex HK45 Airsoft pistols share many of the same mechanical qualities, I should expect similar results even using 6mm plastics BB's, perhaps a bit wider grouping but fps should be pretty close to claimed.

Build Quality: The Umarex Beretta Elite II and Umarex HK45 are built fairly basic with few moving parts so there is not much to go wrong, the fit and finish is good and there is metal where it needs to be internally and also in the trigger, magazine and on the HK45 even the slide. Both Airsoft Pistols have decent weight even though there is a fair amount of plastic in them.

Realism: Both Umarex Airsoft pistols are accurate looking replicas of their real steel counterparts, in the case of the Umarex HK45, it is very accurate on almost every detail appearance wise, the Umarex Beretta Elite II is not an exact replica of any one specific Beretta but is based on the Beretta Elite II Brigadier. There is no working slide on either pistol and the slide catch/release and hammer are molded into the plastic. The only working parts would be the safety, magazine release and trigger.
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  • Both are fairly low priced.
  • Both have drop our metal magazines
  • Both have tactical rails for adding on accessories.
  • Both are fully licensed.
  • Both have pretty decent weigh to them.
  • The HK45 has a metal slide and white dot sights front and back
  • The Elite II has white dot front sight.


  • Both guns are double action only.
  • Both guns have none working hammers
  • Neither gun has a working slide or blowback action.
  • Both guns have red tips.
  • Non adjustable sights.

Considering these Airsoft Pistols are rather low cost, the Umarex Beretta Elite II and Umarex HK45 have a lot going for them! They are fully Beretta and HK licensed through Umarex with a (metal slide in the HK45) and metal parts where you want and need them to be. I am expecting decent accuracy and power from both guns and even the double action triggers are very usable. Sure the both budget Airsoft pistols is a pretty basic airguns with few moving parts but then again simplicity is sometimes better in terms of reliability. If you are an Beretta or HK fan and want low cost well made and good performing Airsoft pistols then checkout these Umarex Airsoft guns.

My YouTube Table Top Review for the Umarex Beretta Elite II and HK45 CO2 Airsoft Pistols:

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KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

Make sure to watch my Table Top Review video for the KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol where I show you around this Israeli designed pistol a bit more and talk about its specifications and features.

I have also previously done a full review of the Cybergun distributed Jericho 941. Both versions are pretty much the same with the exception of ammo types - the Cybergun Jericho 941 using 4.5mm Steel BB's and the KWC 941 made to shoot 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's.

Getting back to this Field Test Shooting Video, so how did the KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol perform for me? I was expecting some pretty decent fps performance sine the steel BB version was a pretty hot shooter but in Airsoft you don't always want crazy high fps performance or the gun may not be usable in any Airsoft games since it could injure an opponent. My 5 shot Chronograph test using .20 gram Airsoft BB's with a brand new 12 gram CO2 gave me an average of 438 fps which is about as fast as you are going to want an Airsoft gun to shoot. This pistol should be capable of hitting targets pretty far down range.

When I setup for the accuracy portion of my Shooting Field Test, as usual I stood 30 feet back from a paper target and used a semi rested stance (sand bag up front and standing in the back). My first round of 10 shots shot really high, with most of the shots hitting the target off camera. So I decided to take another 10 shots but this time with my aim point set at the bottom of the target. Using this method I was able to get all 10 shots fairly well centred on the paper target all within about 3 inches of each other. Not bad. So yes the KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol at 30 feet shoots a bit high but depending on what ranges you want it set for it may be just what you want?

The KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol is a double action only pistol without blowback operation so the trigger pull is longer and heavier then a blowback pistol with a single action trigger but I would have to say you can still rip off a bunch of quick shots regardless of the heavier trigger pull. In a nutshell the KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Pistol is a really solid and consistent shooter with a fairly low price tag and the advantage of full size drop out metal magazines which are perfect for in field shooting.

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ASG Bersa BP9CC CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

I have already reviewed the 4.5mm Steel BB version of the ASG Bersa BP9CC and done both a Table Top Video and Field Test Video review for it so make sure to check those review video links out!

In this Filed Test Shooting videos review I take the ASG Bersa BP9CC CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol through its paces and test it using my Chronograph to see what kind of real world fps we can expect from it. I also perform my usual 30 foot back paper target accuracy test to see what kind of a 10 shot grouping the ASG Bersa BP9CC CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol will achieve.

I have to be honest and say that there may have been a problem with the valve in my test unit since I was getting really inconsistent velocity readings using my Chronograph to test out the fps. I could even hear the difference in how much CO2 was being let out with each shot and even the recoil from the blowback slide was sometimes very hard and sometimes very soft. I did end up getting an average of 356 fps but it ranged anywhere from 420 right down to below 300 fps?

With the extreme velocity readings I was getting I did not expect the ASG Bersa BP9CC CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol to be super accurate as velocity can really effect the high and low target placement but I was surprised when pretty much all the shots hit within a 3 inch group, with the excepting of a double shot that obviously shot slow and low. This double shot was a result of the slide not kicking back all the way and not reset the single action internal hammer so when I pulled back the trigger I loaded a round into the barrel but could not fire the gun. Resulting in me having to manually pull the slide back and then pull the trigger back a second time, loading a second Airsoft BB into the barrel and firing both BB's at the same time.

My 4.5mm Steel BB version did not seem to have this inconsistent power problem so it may be that my gun either needed some break in time or perhaps had a faulty valve? Even so It actually performed well during the accuracy portion of the test for me.

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ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

During this Field Test Shooting Review Video I test out the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol by shooting some rounds through the Chronograph to get an idea on how powerful  it really is. I also step back 30 feet and place some rounds down range on my paper target to see just how accurate this little surprise double shot Airsoft pistol is.

In terms of power, all I had to go on was the factory claimed power rating of .6 joules. So I filled up the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol with Propane gas, loaded two .20 gram BB's and shot them both one after the other though my Chrony. I did find that topping up the gas was necessary between loading this gun as the gas chamber is very small. You will only get three shots out of a fill but the last shot is really slow.

I did find that I consistently got right around 250 fps on the fist shot and pretty much bang on 200 fps for the follow-up shot. Not super fast but fast enough to hit a small paper target 30 feet away pretty much every shot. Shooting 6 rounds on my paper target from 30 feet back using a semi rested position I was able to get 5 out of 6 shots pretty well placed on my paper target. I am not sure what happened to the 6th shot but it seemed to hook really hard to the right, perhaps the Airsoft BB was deformed? My 6 shot grouping with the excepting of the one shot that went MIA ended up being about 5 inches, not bad for such a small little low fps pistol.

So in terms of usefulness what can you expect from the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol? Well you are for sure not going to be sniping anyone with it but it could for sure come in handy as a surprise back for your backup gun!

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