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SHOT Show 2016 - ASG Airbow Interview

In this 2016 SHOT Show Interview I talk with Chip Hunnucutt from Crosman Corporation. Chip was eager to show off Crosman's new Airbow which is a essentially a hybrid PCP Air Rifles combined with a Crossbow. SO take away the bow and replace the power source with a 3000 PSI compressed air system that is capable of shooting standard archery arrows at 450 fps with 160 foot pounds of energy using 375 grain arrows.

The Crosman Airbow on a full 3000 PSI charge can deliver 8 consecutive shots @ the regulated 450 fps. The Airbow also weighs in at 7 pounds and being that it is a Bullpup design it is only 33.5 inches long so nice and compact for an arrow shooter.

Since the power is generated by the PCP compressed air system there is no heavy cocking rope so a simple lift of the ambidextrous cocking bolt is all that is needed to charge the Crosman Airbow. The Airbow also comes standard with a CenterPoint® 6x40 mm scope specially designed with the Airbow in mind.

Since the Crosman Airbow is technically an under 500 fps airgun, it should be considered an uncontrolled firearm here in Canada which means no PAL license will be required to buy and own the Crosman Airbow in Canada. In terms of using the Airbow for hunting as it is not a bow but rather an Airgun, that is yet to be determined here in Canada.


SHOT Show 2016 - ASG Airguns Interview

In this 2016 SHOT Show Interview I talk with Bob Li from Action Sport Games. Bob shows me some of the new products this year from ASG. Some of ASG's newer pistols are the Dan Wesson 715, the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, the CZ P-09. New to the rifle line is the CZ Bren 80, also a couple of sniper rifles, the M40A5 and M40A3. ASG is also coming out with a an Inferno HPA version of their CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1.

The ASG Dan Wesson 715 has ot me my favorite product from ASG, you need to hold it in your hand to really understand how solid this pistol really is at close to 3 pounds. Everything about it is an improvement over previous Dan Wesson models including the trigger and hammer action, crane setup and the more actuate frame length with the new more compact internal CO2 valve. The ASG Dan Wesson 715 will be shipping in 4.5mm Steel BB, 6mm Plastic Airsoft and .177 caliber pellet versions.

ASG's two new Full blowback CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, the CZ P-09 pistols should be coming out shortly, both will be available in 4.5mm Steel BB and 6mm Plastic Airsoft. Both pistols feature a metal slide and frame with full size drop out metal magazines and will have CO2 and Green Gas magazine configurations. The CZ P-09 will have a threaded barrel and barrel protector.


SHOT Show 2016 - Umarex Airguns Interview

In this 2016 SHOT Show Interview I talk with Nichol Goines from Umarex USA. Nichol and I discuss some new and somewhat revised products from Umarex like the Full Blowback Smith & Wesson M&P40, the soon to finally be released Beretta Model 92 A1, a new Pellet version of last years Colt Single Action Army Revolver and a reappearance and revision of the Walther PPK CO2 Blowback BB pistol.

Last year Umarex introduced their Colt Single Action Army CO2 BB Revolvers and I would say last year they where on of my highlight airguns for the show. They have been selling like gang-busters! One question people have been asking is if there will be a pellet shooting version? Well now there is and like the Steel BB version the pellets load from the back of the shell making it super easy to reload the removable brass shells. The new Pellet SAA Revolver also has a rifled barrel to help with accuracy.


I would have to say this years gun highlight well at least from Umarex is their new Smith & Wesson M&P40 full blowback CO2 BB Pistol. It is a perfect copy of the real steal version complete with a full size drop out magazine and full Beretta licensing. I really hope this one ships soon and does not get delayed like the Beretta Model 92 A1 introduced last year and still yet to be shipped :(

Speaking of the Beretta Model 92 A1 CO2 Blowback BB pistol. It is finally getting released this February and like the S&W M&P40, is a virtual identical replica of the original Beretta Mod. 92 A1 complete with full blowback, a full size drop out magazine and of course all the trades and licensing in all the right locations.

Last and not least but still worth noting is the CO2 Blowback BB shooting Walther PPK. It kind of dropped out of productions which is a real shame since it was the replica BB pistol that got all of this started for me several years back and to this day is still a lot of fun ot shoot! Even James Bond went back to the PPK for the latest 007 movie! Well it's back and this time Umarex got rid of the ugly CO2 tab and replaced it with a discreet Allen key screw. Saves us all from doing the CO2 screw mod :)


SHOT Show 2016 - Sig Sauer Interview

In this 2016 SHOT Show Interview I talk with Dani Navickas from the Airgun division of Sig Sauer. Dani and I discuss Sig's new line of CO2 Blowback Pellet rifles and pistols. Dani talks about some of the behind the scenes information that went into the development and manufacturing of Sig's new line of CO2 Airguns.

Sig CO2 P226 and P250 Air Pistols along with their Sig MPX and MCX Air Rifles have been developed in house by Sig.Sig has been working very closely with a Japanese manufacturer to make sure that every stage of development is to Sig's high standards. The new Sig CO2 Blowback rifles and pistols are made to match the real steal version in almost every way including dimension, weight, functionality, materials used and even trigger pull.

Sig's new Sig MPX and Sig MCX Pellet Rifles have a brand new patented belt fed 30 round pellet magazine that is indexed via the internal blowback action of these rifles smoothing out the trigger action. The Sig P226 and Sig P250 pistols use a double ended 16 round pellet magazine similar to what you would find on Umarex's PX4 Strom blowback pellet pistol.

Look for Sig's new line of CO2 Blowback Pellet Airguns coming out shortly.