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SHOT Show Vegas 2015 - Replica Airguns

I again had the opportunity to attend this years SHOT Show in Las Vegas, it has pretty much become a tradition for me now. First of all it's a great excuse to go to Las Vegas! And then there is the SHOT Show with all the big Airgun companies to go and checkout their products and of course meet some of the folks that I have been emailing. It also give my wife and I nice break from the kids, Vegas is almost like a second home to us now we have been so many times, we have our favorite eating places, of course there is the Fat Tuesdays we make sure to stop in most days for our troff of slushy boozy drink. We generally hit a show of some sort and if you like shopping, there is plenty of that to do in Las Vegas.

OK, so back to the 2015 SHOT Show, I have to say every year is a lot like the years before, most of the booths are even in the same locations so it is making it easier for me to find them, SHOT Show is a big show with lots of area to covers! Generally most companies will have all there old guns on display along with a few new ones, for me I am there to see what's new and I am sure most of you are interested in the upcoming products as well.

I know many of my American viewers have been wanting a Single Action Army 45 Revolvers and I too have been asking for this classic Cowboy revolver, I have even mentioned this to the big companies the past several years. Well I guess they finally got the message! Umarex is releasing their Colt Single Action Army 45 in a few different configurations. Their run of 500 Limited edition US Marshal revolvers sold out within the first few hours but I got my name on one this time so look forward to that review when I get mine :) Don't worry if you don't manage to get your hands on one of the US Marshal Single Action Army's, there will be two other none limited edition versions, one in silver and one in blued, both with bone handles. Like the Dan Wesson and Colt 357 shell loading BB revolvers, the Colt Single Action Army pistols will be mostly metal and also have removable shells that you place the BB's into. You will have to load each shell one at a time into the Colts, just like the old cowboy versions. The 12 gram CO2 is located in the pistol grip as expected and all version shoot in single action only as the name indicates.

Another noteworthy Umarex new product is the Umarex Pietro Beretta 92 A1 which is a pretty much full metal licensed Beretta with full blowback and a full size drop out metal magazine that holds the BB's and CO2. Umarex also added the KWC Luger and Mauser to their line off classic Blowback BB pistols this year.

ASG had some interesting offerings, they showed me a new styled Dan Wesson that will be able to accept a sight rail, it will come in Steel 4.5mm BB, 6mm Airsoft and .177 caliber Pellet. The new style Dan Wesson will not include the sight rail but you will be able to purchase it separately.

While visiting ASG I played around with their new Airsoft CZ P-09 full blowback semi auto pistol, wow the slide felt good, I am pretty sure the ASG Airsoft CZ P-09 is going to be a lot of fun to shoot!

Crosman didn't have a lot in terms of Replica guns which is not all that unusual for them, I did get my hands on their new P15B Blowback BB Pistol, I am not sure if it is the final version or a prototype at this point? The Crosman P15B has blowback action but no slide catch or slide lock, it sports a drop out full metal stick styled magazine and kind of looks like a cross between a Sig Sauer and a Desert Eagle.

Gamo, again, not known for their huge selection of replica guns did have an interesting new revolver, the PR-776 which is based on the shell loading Win Gun Frame but instead of incorporating removable shells, you load .177 caliber pellets directly into the cylinder of the PR-776.

I got to take a close up look at the Gletcher .177 caliber brass shells for their 357 series CO2 revolvers and they are a lot different than the Dan Wesson version of pellet loading brass shells. Instead of screwing together they press together and have a rubber O-ring system to help them seal tightly.

Even though I don't sell many KWA branded pistols, I do occasionally bump into them when companies like Umarex or ASG use them in their licensed lines. I did like their Scorpion KZ61, hopefully I will get to try one out sooner than later...

Well that's about it for this years SHOT Show Las Vegas 2015, until I return again in 2016 :)


Gletcher P08 Luger CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Table Top Review

Type: BB Revolver.
Manufacturer: Gletcher.
Model: P08 (Luger Replica).
Materials: Metal & plastic.
Weight: 2 pounds (900 grams).
Barrel: 4.25 inches, smooth bore.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Blowback Toggle - single action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 21 rounds.
FPS: 344fps (105m/s)

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Gletcher P08 Luger is medium pull for a SAO style trigger, it has a fairly shot take-up with a nice release point. The trigger definitely looks the parts with it's crescent shape and exposed spring. I would expect this pistol to behave well in the target accuracy department, at least the trigger will not be the problem.

Accuracy: I have not done any preliminary shooting so far with this Gletcher P08 due to some pretty awful weather conditions in my area. We will have to see how well the Gletcher P08 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol performs in terms of accuracy and velocity once I get out and do a real shooting test with it

Build Quality: The Gletcher P08 CO2 BB Pistol is really well made overall, pretty much the entire pistol is metal except for the grips of course and has a really nice weight to it. The finish looks really nice and the fit is good, the toggle feels nice and tight and all the mechanical parts function smoothly.

Realism: With the exception of the metal stick magazine, the Gletcher seems to have all it's other parts in order, even a working Toggle with Blowback,  although the toggle does not lock back on the last shot! The Gletcher P08 certainly looks the part of a Luger P08, Gletcher has hidden 4.5mm the inner barrel by recessing it little bit and the CO2 screw is well hidden under the magazine. It would have been nice to have been able to field strip the Gletcher P08 but perhaps people will get into less trouble losing parts without this ability.


  • Mostly all metal, nice and heavy at 2 pounds.
  • CO2 is well hidden.
  • Recessed barrel adds to realism.
  • 21 round all metal stick magazine.
  • Realistic blowback toggle operation.
  • Lots of working parts.
  • True a very realistic SAO trigger design that seems to have a nice light trigger pull.
  • Shooting performance pros yet to be determined…


  • Does not seem to be easily field strippable 
  • Painty at the rear of the toggle seems to have chipped off a a bit.
  • Would have liked to have seen a full size drop out metal magazine on this gun.
  • Shooting performance cons yet to be determined…

This is the third Gletcher pistol I have reviewed and I am really liking the products from Gletcher! I like that they offer some very unique Airguns that many other companies are not addressing. My Gletcher P08 does have some competition from Umarex and KWC but it has its own selling points for sure, I figure it fits in nicely right between the Umarex and KWC P08's in terms of offering realism and practicality. So now we have a few choices when it comes to purchasing a 4.5mm CO2 BB firing P08 Luger, choice is a good thing!

My YouTube Table Top Video of the Gletcher P08 Luger CO2 BB Pistol:

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Gletcher TT Tokarev CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Table Top Review

Type: BB Revolver.
Manufacturer: Gletcher.
Model: TT (Replica of Tokarev).
Materials: Metal & plastic.
Weight: 1.37 pounds (620 grams).
Barrel: 4.5 inches, smooth bore.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Blowback - single action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds.
FPS: 361fps (110m/s)

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Gletcher TT CO2 BB Tokarev is single action only, the blowback action cocks the hammer after each shot but you will need to either draw the hammer back or rack the slide on the first shot. I did find the the SAO trigger to be rather heavy for a single action type trigger? Perhaps it will loosen up a bit over time? The take-up is kind of long since there is no real reset that takes place after the hammer is drawn back. The release point is sudden but does take some effort to release the trigger. I am not sure how this going to effect the accuracy?

Accuracy: I have only done some very preliminary shooting so far with this Gletcher TT due to some pretty awful weather conditions. Mainly just some freehand shooting to see how the blowback action felt. The blowback is rather fast and kind of mild but does offer some recoil effect and of course the ability for a single action trigger. We will have to see how well the Gletcher TT Tokarev performs once I get out and do a real test.

Build Quality: The Gletcher TT CO2 BB Pistol is really nicely made overall, pretty much the entire pistol is metal except for the grips of course. The finish looks really nice and the fit is good, not a lot of slide wiggle and all the mechanical parts function smoothly with the exception of the rather strange trigger design. You really need to watch my video to see what I mean here!

Realism: I am lucky enough to own a Tokarev type semi auto real steel pistol and looking at the two of them side by side they look very much the same. Of course my Norinco Tokarev (Type 54) Model 213 is made out of hardened weapons grade steel and so it is heavier but the Gletcher TT does feel solid in the hand with it's all metal design. The working slide catch, magazine release and hammer are all in the right places and function as they should. Gletcher even made sure to have a recessed barrel and hidden CO2 screw which adds to the realism. The only real giveaways are again that rather strange looking single action trigger and the two pins near the lower front of the slide. Not a big deal for me though. I do have to mention the way the safety was implemented on this Gletcher TT Tokarev, Gletcher placed it just inside the Slide Stop Retainer Clip in a kind of unobtrusive location.


  • One of the only 4.5mm BB shooting Tokarev replicas I have come across.
  • Very solid and weighty gun for it’s size. Mostly all metal.
  • CO2 is well hidden.
  • Recessed barrel adds to realism.
  • 18 round all metal stick magazine.
  • Blowback operation, slide locks back on last round.
  • Did a good job of making the safety discreet.
  • Shooting performance pros yet to be determined…


  • SAO trigger is rather heavy.
  • Trigger looks a bit funky compared to a real Tokarev trigger.
  • Would have liked to have seen a full size drop out metal magazine on this gun.
  • Shooting performance cons yet to be determined…

So far I have liked all the Gletcher guns that I have come across, it's great that Gletcher offers a lot of unique guns from the past, for me the Tokarev is near and dear to my heart since it is very 1911 like and I truly love the 1911 design. It only makes sense that I would own not only a real steel 1911 but also the Russian Tokarev. I'm not really sure how the Gletcher TT Tokarev is going to perform using the chronograph and during my paper target testing from 30 feet out but to be honest I really don't care all that much because this Tokarev BB pistol is not so much about performance or getting everything absolutely perfect, the Gletcher TT Tokarev BB Pistol is more about offering yet another BB pistol replica of one of the classic pistols at an affordable price and with quality in mind.

My YouTube Table Top Video of the Gletcher TT Tokarev CO2 BB Pistol:

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New products In the Canada Replica Airguns Store from Baikal & EKOL

I am super happy to announce the return of some Airguns I reviewed a while back but up until now have been missing from our Canada Replica Airguns Store. The Russian Baikal MP-654K BB Makarov, the Baikal BB-Pellet MP-655K, the Turkish EKOL ES 55 and EKOL ES 66.

Check these guns out and get your hands on them before they disappear again?

Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Black

Baikal MP-655K CO2 BB/Pellet Black

EKOL ES 55 CO2 BB Black

EKOL ES 66 CO2 BB Shiny Chrome

EKOL ES 66C CO2 BB Chrome