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How to Get Rid of That Ugly White Writing on Your Airgun

I get asked on a daily bases form many of my YouTube Viewers about how and if there is a way to get rid of the White lettering on Airguns, Typically people are wanting to remove the intrusive Warning instructions from Airguns like the Cybergun Tanfoglio Witness 1911, the Cybergun/Swiss Arms GSG 92/P92 and many other CO2 Replica Airguns that have lettering or branding that you may want to get rid of.

In this Instructional Tutorial Video I show you how can at least tone down the white lettering and even completely remove it on some Airguns without damaging the Airguns finish underneath the white lettering. You will have to use some patience and perhaps repeat this method a few times but the end result is worth the effort.

The magical product I use to remove the white lettering on many popular Airguns is a product from Birchwood Casey called the Presto Gun Blue Pen. This product is actually designed to touch up real steel gun in areas where the blueing has worn off, lucky for us the Birchwood Casey Presto Gun Blue Pen also works well to remove the ugly white lettering from Airguns.


Which Shells Work in Which Shell Loading Revolvers?

I have often been asked which of the Shells for the Shell Loading Revolvers work in which Shell Loading Revolvers? After all many of them look a lot alike so can you mix and match Shells for the various types of Shell Loading Revolvers?

In this YouTube Instructional Video I test out a bunch of Shells to see which ones actually will work or not work in several of the most popular Shell Loading Revolvers.

Some of the Shell Loading Revovers Tested in this Instructional Video are:


KWC Mac 11 M11 CO2 BB - Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

Almost a year or so ago I made my Table Top Review Video for both the 6mm Airsoft and 4.5mm Steel BB shooting KWC Mac 11 M11 CO2 Pistols, and no they are not machine pistols since they only shoot in semi auto mode. Well anyway, I finally got around to testing these low cost Mac 11 replicas out shooting them through my Chrony Chronograph to find out their real world fps velocity along with my standard 30 foot back semi rested paper target accuracy test. Both CO2 Replica Pistols performed rather well for me and turned out to be both powerful and accurate.

In terms of power, KWC claims 120 meters per second or 394 feet per second for the 4.5mm Steel BB KWC M11 while the 6mm Airsoft Mac 11 had a claimed fps of 152 mps or 499 fps. During my testing both guns actually shot much faster than claimed with the steel BB M11 shooting 5.1 grain steel 4.5mm BB's at an average of 453 fps. The Airsoft KWC Mac 11 with its lighter .20 gram 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's averaged a very hot 556 fps which is probably going to be too hot for most Airsoft fields but a lot of fun shooting in your back yard!

Both the Steel BB and Plastic Airsoft BB KWC M11's have an internal fixed hop-up system which did seem to help out a lot with accuracy. From my semi rested shooting position with paper targets setup 30 feet away, I was able to get well centered 1-5 to 2 inch groupings from both versions of the KWC Mac 11 CO2 Pistols.The Airsoft KWC M11 did shoot a little high and to the right but not a lot while the Steel BB M11 was centered well left to right but again just a little high.

Both KWC Mac 11 M11 CO2 Pistols shoot in double action and have what I would consider to be about medium pull triggers since there are not a lot of moving parts or any type of blowback operation. This means they will be more CO2 efficient and likely to have very few problems since they are very simple in design. If you want a great performing low cost and simple in design Mac 11 Replica then take your pick, 4.5mm Steel BB KWC M11 or 6mm Plastic Airsoft KWC M11!

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My Favorite BB Pellet Airsoft and Blank Replica Guns

It has been a while since I picked out some of my favorite guns, after all my favorite gun picks change on a daily basis since there are so many awesome guns out there to pick from.

This YouTube video is a little different since I pick out my favorites from a bunch of mostly replica gun categories including Steel BB, Pellet, Airsoft, Revolvers and Blank Pistols.

You may notice most of my picks happen to be blowback guns but to me airguns are all about being as realistic as possible and having blowback operation to me help to simulate the realism that much more. The exception in this video is in the pellet gun category since I decided on a pellet gun that was more about function and purpose over being any type of real replica.

Hopefully you take the time to watch my entire YouTube video since I also bring out some close runner ups but here is a list of my top picks on this day, tomorrow it could be a completely different list of guns ;) 


Cybergun KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

Video number three in my Summer Full Auto Fun Video Series! In this outside shooting test I take out my Cybergun KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol and shoot it in full auto mode again at some water filled pop cans and clay pigeons setup about 25 feet down range.

Since I pretty much took my Cybergun KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol right out of the box and started shooting I did not have the chance to set the hop-up or even figure out exactly where it was shooting and as I found out it was shooting rather high and the .20 gram BB's may have been a bit light since they seemed to spray all over. Either way I did manage to hit a few targets after eating up all the CO2 and shooting off two full mags of Airsoft Ammo...

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